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Benefits of Motion Sickness Relief1

Relief from Motion Sickness with Motioneaze

Motioneaze is a doctor recommended, All Natural Relief for motion sickness and is the fastest acting solution on the market (Comparison Chart). Applications include Air Travel, Seasickness, Scuba Diving, Car Sickness, Bus or Train Travel, Amusement Park Rides, Pets and Others.

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Best for: An upset stomach. How it works: According to Chinese medicine, acupressure can balance the flow of energy in the body, or chi, and nausea is a sign of disharmony of chi. According to a 1995 study published in the journal Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, people who performed acupressure on their wrists reported reduced motion sickness.

Motion Sickness: Medication, Home Remedies, Devices

Continued Medication. If you can’t keep it at bay, there are two kinds of medicine you can take for motion sickness. The first is antihistamines, both prescription and over-the-counter.These are the most commonly used medications for motion sickness, and they’re available in any drug store and in many supermarkets.

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No drowsiness or other side effects – The most common side effect for over the counter motion sickness medications is drowsiness. Motioneaze is an All-Natural solution for relief of motion sickness or nausea symptoms.

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Planes, trains, boats, and automobiles can quickly turn into roving torture chambers when motion sickness kicks in. Some folks are more susceptible than others, but most travelers get hit with it sooner or later.